Monday, April 5, 2021

How to Feel & be Successful During a Pandemic

College is hard, and it is even harder during a global pandemic. I think a lot of people have figured that out by now. I can’t say I am a pro at school, and going through classes during these hard times has not been easy on me or anyone, but I wanted to offer some advice that has helped me get through and even find joy in this tough season of life.

First thing is first, buy yourself a planner or a desk calendar. This will be used to keep track of all assignments when they come up and when they are due. It is so easy to stay organized and manage your time better this way. If you are more of a tech person - I recommend google calendar. Link in all times of classes, practices, work schedule, and anything else along those lines. Make sure you are paying close attention to when you have a face-to-face class or a zoom class.

When you are doing classes remotely for the day, it is hard to be motivated. Get up and get ready for the day - like you would be ready for an in-person class. You will feel way more productive and motivated to get things accomplished! Make sure to reach out to your faculty and professors if you have any issues or questions, because they know how hard these times are for us - it is hard for them too. We are all getting through it together.

Finding the joy in everyday life can definitely be difficult, but it could be the smallest of things that could radiate positivity. Everyday I write down three things that happened to me that made me smile or laugh. It is the little things to get you through the day. My favorite thing is to reach out to friends you don’t see or talk to often and catch up with them. Plus, it is always nice to grab a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop and relax.

Lastly, take a deep breath, take a break, and relax. School is important, but so is your mental health. When you need to walk away for a little bit - do it! You come first, take care of yourself. Read a book, watch a new movie, eat a snack, take a walk (now that the weather is so nice), or even take a nap. Whatever you need to do to refuel YOU!

- Shila

Friday, March 19, 2021

Spring on Campus

Spring has finally come to campus this week! It is certainly a great time to get outdoors and shake off the winter weather. There are plenty of things to do on and off campus to help you come out of hibernation. Located all around campus are plenty of picnic tables to spend some time studying outdoors or just relax with friends. Several coffee shops are open and within walking distance of campus: Keats Coffee, Downtown Perk, Vine’s Bakery and Goldberry Roasting Company. These also make great study spaces if you are looking to leave your dorm for a while. Places like Whit’s Frozen Custard and Eva’s Treats serve some great desserts to check out and spice up your weekend. This might be a perfect time to try out some restaurants in town if you haven't already. A-Town Tap, Ohio Fire, Uniontown, Ashland Drive In or Lotus are all available to grab a bite this weekend. There are plenty of things to get into this weekend that can help break up your midterm studying and give you time to relax!

- Rachel

Monday, March 8, 2021

Life as a College Student in Quarantine

It was an extremely difficult time for me to be in a two week quarantine. It was the beginning of spring semester and I had to start out all online for the beginning, what a way to set the tone for the next sixteen weeks. It is so easy to slip into a state of depression, anxiousness, and loneliness. But, I am here to let you know even though it was an incredibly tough time, I had some amazing people to support me and encourage me along the way. My friends, my teammates and coaches, my family, my professors, and even faculty members at AU. They all gave me words of encouragement and even ideas of how to stay positive in a difficult situation. I want to share what I did in quarantine, besides classwork.

Activities to do in quarantine:

  • Read. Any book you want - I prefer the feel good, encouraging Christian books. Anything Lysa TerKeurst or Sadie Robertson are my favorite!
  • Do yoga. Relax your breathing and your muscles. It helps with stress and anxiety.
  • Find a new hobby! I love to paint, and I did a lot of painting and coloring during quarantine to relieve some stress and enjoy my time during the “calm” of the storm.
  • Binge a new show on Netflix. There are so many shows and movies on Netflix - pick a good one and watch all the episodes! I highly recommend New Girl or All-American.
  • Have a self-care day. Treat yourself to an at-home spa day. Facial treatments, repainting your nails, trying out a new hair shampoo - basically whatever you want to do to just relax.
  • Reorganize yourself! Whether that be cleaning your room, moving your room furniture around, or even writing everything down in your planner. It was a good time to schedule out my days and get myself ready to be back on campus.

A two-week quarantine away from friends, family, and even school is hard. I love being around people and finding some sort of normalcy in a crazy time. So during those stressful two weeks, I took time for myself. I reached out to so many people just to have an interaction or conversation. Talking to them helped me get through such a hard time. If you need to talk to someone - there will always be someone ready to listen and help you through. Don’t think you are alone. Looking back to my two week quarantine, I can say I put myself first. I took time to take care of myself, rest up, and relax. I made sure to keep up with the activity ideas to help with my mental health, too!

- Shila

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Midterm Season

As “midterm season” approaches, it can start to be a stressful time but there are plenty of things to do that can make the coming weeks easier.

  • Readings - It's important to keep up with your class readings. If you've fallen a little behind, that's okay! But it might be easier to start getting caught up now, rather than test week.
  • Attendance - It’s definitely been a crazy semester, if you've had to miss a class, its not the end of the world. However, make sure you’ve made up all the homework and understand the material that was gone over that day. Give yourself as much time as you can before the test to do this, that way you still have time to ask questions if needed.
  • Study Habits - It's always good to take notes during readings and class. Start to go through those notes little by little each day to retain the information instead of pulling a frantic “all-nighter.” Also, try to form a study group with friends if you can. This will make studying sound more appealing and you can keep everyone accountable.

Try what works best for you. There are many ways to study and every class may be different. The biggest thing to remember is not to get too worked up about the weight of the test and try to just stay positive. Good Luck!

- Rachel 

Friday, November 6, 2020

Navigating College and COVID-19

Navigating through college life in a season of COVID-19 has been different to say the least. And in this blog post I will be discussing some of the trials I’ve dealt with.

Dealing with getting settled.

I found it extremely hard to get settled this year alone due to the fact that accessing resources on campus has been challenging. But while it has been challenging that does not mean that it’s been impossible. The staff on the Ashland campus have been amazing at making sure they can be reached on campus.

It was tough getting settled with classes due to the hybrid form of class. Often times I would forget which day was virtual and which was in person. However, it was a process that taught me how to adapt well to new systems and procedures.

Personal life stress

I’ve found it hard this year specifically trying to juggle my life at school and interpersonally. It has taught me that sometimes life will throw things at you that you have no control over. However that does not mean you can’t get through it. You will actually grow because of it and learning to deal with the stress will teach you skills that you’ll need for life that is ahead.

The main point of this blog post is to encourage you, that whether the tribulations come from school, work, home, relationships, or in your friends or family groups, you will come out of it and you will grow stronger.

- Anthony

Thursday, October 22, 2020

No Sports Until Spring

Life as a student athlete was and still is very uncertain in the midst of a pandemic. We didn’t know if we would have a season or even let alone be allowed to come back to campus for face-to-face classes. We all lost seasons, championships, and time with our teams in these last several months. All summer long we waited and waited for some answers. We decided to train to stay in shape and to be ready to go when we got that call saying “it’s a go!” Well, unfortunately our call with the good news came but was taken away shortly after. We were told our seasons were postponed until the spring season, so all we can do is “condition” for 4 months during the fall semester. No games, no events -- we just practice. All sport teams must report to practice with no COVID symptoms, a mask on, and temperature gets checked at the door. Practices are split up into groups and we all must socially distance ourselves. It is clearly not the most convenient situation, but we make the most of what we are allowed to do. All I can say is we are just thankful to be back and doing what we love with our teammates. We have faced many hard times together as teams, and so we will continue to be strong through it all. Thank you to the athletic department for letting us get back to doing what we love to do and what we do best, besides academics. Go Eagles!

- Shila

Friday, October 9, 2020

Taking a Study Break in Ashland

 Fall has arrived on AU’s campus and there are many safe things to do to give you a little break from studying. This week especially, The Campus Activities Board has organized a free grocery bingo for tonight, October 9th. In order to maintain distancing, this will take place in Upper Convo and Redwood, both starting at 9 p.m. but doors open at 8:45. 

If you want to step away from campus for a few activities, you can try out several of the local coffee shops in Ashland. Downtown Perk, Keat’s Coffee, Vine’s, Starbucks, Tim Hortons and Dunkin are all close to campus and will give your studying an extra buzz. If you're craving a few more snacks, you can stop by Grandpa’s Cheese Barn and Sweeties to load up on sweet treats. 

Other festive fall activities include visiting Honey Haven’s Fall Festival featuring a free corn maze and many crafts from local artists. Brookside Park Mini Golf is also open for fun. To round out the weekend, you can visit Chipotle on Monday night from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. where AU’s SCRUBS Society is hosting a fundraiser so be sure to grab dinner and support them!

- Rachel

Monday, March 2, 2020

Adjusting as a Freshman

Coming into Ashland University as a freshman I was met with a lot of first impressions, a lot of questions, and a lot of eye-opening moments. As almost expected, I was certainly faced with freshman anxiety. As many new coming students will be. And while freshman anxiety and student anxiety show up differently depending who the student is, it may all be centered around the same issues. Hopefully these words of wisdom will help an incoming student, prospering student, or current student on campus.

1. You still have an abundance of time to make decisions.

a. It’s perfectly okay to not know. When I came on to campus, I had an idea of how I wanted my life to be after 4 years of college. I almost immediately realized that those ideals may not work. And that is okay!!! College is a time to work through your ideals and your future thoughts and find our which path is best for you.

2. It’s okay to not overly stress yourself out with too many extracurricular activities.

a. At first, I was stressed because I felt like I wasn’t doing enough. I then realized; I still have time for activities later. And I then had extra time for studying and relaxing on down time.

I’ve learned the beginning of college can be as stressful or calm and relaxing as we make it. So in times of anxiety and stress of the future, remind yourself to enjoy the moment, because you still have TIME!!

- Anthony

Monday, February 17, 2020

The Importance of Self Care

We are ending week four and the winter break haze has finally been lifted and classes are heating up. Moving further into the semester means more homework, more deadlines, more responsibility. While we are all busy writing papers and solving equations, it is important to take a moment to relax and enjoy ourselves.

Self care is an important part of life. We have to make time to do the things we enjoy in life so that we have the energy to complete the things we might not always want to do. For example, making time to watch your favorite movie with your favorite snacks will give you some time to relax and recharge so that you can have more energy to finish up some homework or even clean up your dorm room. College is the perfect time to start perfecting this balance!

- Rachel

Friday, January 31, 2020

Joining Clubs, Sports, & Organizations

Ashland University offers many different clubs and/or organizations to get involved with. Being proactive in a club can bring you many things such as: friendships, networking opportunities, staying active and in shape, and representing Ashland with good school pride.

Sports: Ashland offers 24 Division 2 varsity athletics competing in the NCAA. Our most recent adds to the list include E-sports (2018) and STUNT (2020). Ashland University’s athletic programs are known throughout the country. Over the years the eagles have made history for eagle nation and we are home to several nationally ranked teams. These teams including the men’s indoor and outdoor track and field, women’s basketball, women’s soccer, wrestling, and many more. Even if you aren’t an athlete, just going out and supporting our teams with your friends is another way to meet new people and socialize while cheering on our AU Eagles!

Clubs & Organizations: There are many offered organizations on campus to get involved with. There are the broad titles of organizations, such as: Academic & Professional, Diversity & Inclusion, Fraternities & Sororities, Faith & Religion, Honoraries, Media, Performance, Programming, Service & Volunteerism, Special Interests, Sports Clubs, and Student Government, and many more. These are all types of different organizations here at AU, but those dive deeper into separate clubs offered from those organizations. There are so many opportunities to get active on campus.

I can say, from personal experience, getting involved is life changing. I am currently on the cheerleading and STUNT teams (yes, I am a very busy student athlete), I am a member of PRSSA ( Public Relations Student Society of America), a member of the Sport Communication club, a huddle leader at FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), I assist in leading a bible study for our cheer team, I am a tour guide, and I am also an academic assistant. It has been quite an amazing experience at Ashland so far, whether that be meeting new people or just gaining new experiences.

There are many different ways to get involved around campus and meet new people! So get up, get out there, and be proud to be an eagle.

- Shila

Thursday, January 23, 2020

New Semester - Keeping Organized

Starting college is a new and exciting experience. As a freshman it is a whole new world and a new adventure. College is a lot harder than high school, but you have more freedom. Those being that you are away from home, you have more free time, and you can manage what classes you take and when you do. That being said, it is so important to stay on top of everything and be organized. That includes knowing when your classes are, showing up to class, getting assignments done, when you are going to eat, when you have practice, and so on and so forth. All these reasons contribute to why it is so important to stay organized.

Professor’s are not here to babysit you and make sure you are getting your work done. Be aware of due dates and exams. (All of which can be found in your course syllabus.)

Students will be taking several classes a semester and it is easy to get due dates mixed up. It is quick and convenient to write down all important information and even highlighting them in the given course syllabus.

Staying organized helps reduce stress levels too. Not having to worry about clutter and just knowing where everything is at. Utilizing to-do lists also helps to see which tasks you have accomplished and what you can move forward to work on next. (Each check in the box is a small victory!)

I can personally say I am very organized. I write all due dates, events, meetings, times, and even to do lists down in my planner. It is so nice just having a physical reminder of what I have to do and when to have it done by. Being a student-athlete and working, it is so easy to lose track of things that need to be done on a busy schedule. Using a planner is easy and effective. I even have mine color coded by by classes to keep things separated and up to date.

Organization is something very important to be or to become. It shows responsibility and even reliability. Going into the real world, nobody is going to look after you except for yourself, so it is important to establish good organization skills to be successful in your future careers. Being organized keeps you on top of everything you need to get done, it minimizes stress levels, and all together is a feeling of relief. To all college students, I recommend getting a planner and making yourself organized. I promise, it will make a world of difference and you will not feel as drained. The feeling of checking things off the “to-do” list is one of the most victorious feelings ever. It is so worth it! Get organized!!

- Shila

How to Feel & be Successful During a Pandemic

College is hard, and it is even harder during a global pandemic. I think a lot of people have figured that out by now. I can’t say I am a p...