Monday, November 8, 2021

7 Tips for Registering for College Classes

1. Checkout your options and review the catalog. Make sure to refer to your degree plan and keep your core classes in mind when it comes to picking and choosing courses.

2. One of the most important tips I have for you is to visit your advisor, even after the initial green lighting appointment. This is to alleviate any stress you may have leading up to registration. Your advisors are available to answer any questions and if you can’t get a hold of your advisor contact the professors who teach the classes you want to take.

3. Another tip I have for you is to create a schedule that works for YOU. Try to spread the classes out to where it allows you time for studying and other activities each day. With the new registering system it makes it easy to see when there is a conflict with your classes so make sure you pay attention to that when looking for classes.

4. Maintain a balance. Try to choose classes that require different types of work and styles. Try to mix and match between your hard sciences, math courses, and English courses with soft subjects like psychology, art, and sociology. This mix of courses allows you to make sure you don’t end up having 5 papers and a bunch of lab reports and math problems to do in the same week or day.

5. Figure out if you are a morning person. The best thing about college is that the classes do not necessarily have ONE set time. There are usually multiple times for a given class. So don’t think of it like high school where your first class has to start at 8am.

6. Getting off the waitlist. When you go to register for a class and you see you are on the waitlist do not panic. There is usually a way you can get in. The most impactful way I have found to get off the waitlist is to email the professor of the course I am waitlisted for. I explain the need of this class (is it a prerequisite for a class next semester, is it not offered in a frequent rotation, and any other considerations) and ask for the professor to consider taking me off the waitlist.

7. We never want a class to not workout, but sometimes that can’t be helped. The most important thing to note is when the DROP/ADD deadline for the specific course.

I hope these tips provide you with a starting point when thinking about registering for your college classes. Happy scheduling!

- Tes

Friday, October 29, 2021

Attending and Participating in Classes

I will be the first to say how intimidating it is when people talk about volunteering in class, whether that be answering questions or reading out loud. Bottom line, it is a scary thing to do but it helps you get out of your comfort zone.

Participating in class is encouraged by professors a lot because they want you to get the most out of your education and of course learn a lot as well. Sometimes, they even make participation a part of your final grade and participation points are calculated into that grade and are easy points to receive just by interacting with the class.

Sometimes participation points can help you bring your grade up. If you are right on the edge between letter grades, once those participation points are added in it will help your grade for the better. Participating helps you gain confidence in speaking in front of people, taking your own personal thoughts and applying them out loud into the content, and of course understanding what you are learning in the class.

I will always recommend participating in classes because it helps students grow as a young professional. Professors are not looking for the right answer all the time, they are looking for who is on the right page and who is almost there. They want to hear feedback to know students are understanding the content because at the end of the day, we are the ones using what we know, what we practice, and applying it into the professional world.

- Shila

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Incorporating Podcasts

During quarantine, many of us were stuck in the house glued to our screens. We started downloading and watching Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and all of the other types of streaming services that arose from the pandemic. Because of that, I sometimes struggle picking up a book as a form of entertainment. Even though I love reading, it is just something about hearing the voices and sounds that hooks me a little deeper into the plot of whatever I am looking into. Of course, this is a huge flaw in college, because one minute you are pressing play on your favorite show, and the next minute you finish two whole seasons instead of doing your homework.

My suggestion: listen to podcasts. There are a plethora of genres, and they can be found on all types of entertainment apps. For instance, I prefer listening on Spotify, but there is also iHeartRadio, the Podcasts app, Pandora, and many more. The largest benefit of podcasts is that you can listen and do something at the same time. While the story or show is playing inside your head, you do not have to sit in front of a screen worrying if you are about to miss something. Of course, you can also use these as a form of relaxation, as there are even meditation shows out there. In conclusion, I strongly recommend that you put your headphones on and find a show that interests you. You will not be disappointed

- Jill

Encouragement and Mindfulness Practice for Those Who Need it: A Letter


I just wanted to remind you to breathe today. You are strong, and worthy. All of the emotions you are feeling right now are completely valid. If you are stressed, I would like you to close your eyes, and take a deep breath in. Hold it for a couple seconds, and slowly release all of your worries through your exhale. Now, stretch your arms up towards the sky. Lean and reach to your right, and lean and reach to your left. Slowly, allow your arms to fall down into your lap. You did an awesome job. Repeat this process for as long as you need. I suggest that you use this as your daily dose of self-care.

Remember you are worthy, and you deserve to take a second to take a break, relax and gather your thoughts. Everything will be where you left it when you return. There is no rush. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

With Happy Thoughts,


Monday, October 11, 2021

Surviving & Thriving at Dorm Life

Tips on how to make your dorm “A Home Away from Home”

Living in a college dorm is one of the best ways to meet people when you arrive on campus. Sure the first few weeks are kind of awkward and you may not feel comfortable going to people’s rooms and say hi. It makes it even worse to have to knock. Which leads me to my first tip:

Having a door stopper is such a game changer. It makes you seem much more inviting and people will be more likely to come and say hi if your door is open, which is something I do often as an RA. This leads me into my next tip.

I know it can be nerve wracking to talk to people, especially those you've never met before. As an introvert, I can promise you that a conversation with another student on your floor is not going to be as difficult or as awkward as you think it’ll be. A simple hi or how are you can lead to a million things, including a great friendship. Speaking of friendship, remember to set boundaries.

When you live in a dorm whether it be with your roommate or friends on campus, it is difficult to keep things separate. At first you may want to do everything together and while spending time together is never a bad thing the same can be true about spending time alone. College is your chance to figure out who YOU are, what YOU, want to do, and who YOU want to be. This can be hard to do if you are constantly wrapped into someone else’s experiences. Making sure that you consider what things you want to be done alone and which experiences can be shard with the people in your life. Sometime this can be hard on you and your roommate which leads me to my next point.

You may be wondering, “What is an RA”? An RA is someone who lives on your floor that you can turn to and someone you can trust. They oversee dorm life, plan social events, and keep and eye on freshmen and new students. An RA is a great resource when academic, social, or personal problems arise. You can always go to your RA when you need to talk to them about roommate issues, finding campus resources, or when you have any questions about campus life. If your RA doesn’t know the answers to your questions or concerns, he/she will find someone who does. You can also go see your RA when you don’t have a concern and want to share exciting news about an exam that went well or another happy occasion. RAs are key to making sure students are safe and happy.

I hope these tips help you in your college career. Good luck at adulting!

- Tes

Friday, October 1, 2021

Having an Organization System

This being my third year as an undergraduate student at Ashland, my biggest piece of advice for all new and returning students is to be as organized as possible. I am a very organized person, so all my classes are color coded, my notebooks are nice and tidy, and my room is always clean so I don’t feel overwhelmed when I go to my room to relax. Now, being the organized person that I am, I wanted to offer some tips for those who could use some help!

The first day of the semester is always a favorite because it is syllabus day, but the importance of the day is that the professor’s hand you their guide on how to succeed in the class. So, here are some tips to help you get organized right away:

  • Have a planner to write down assignments and key due dates for the week and weeks to come.

  • Use Google Calendar to keep track of assignments/classes. It’s nice to have it available on your phone and it sends reminders!

  • Color code your classes and course work to keep all things organized and tidy.

  • Have separate notebooks for classes so notes stay apart from one another to avoid confusion.

  • Keep a clean and neat room so when you are overwhelmed, your room is a place for relaxation.

  • Do not do homework or school work in your dorm room, find another place on campus to do that work. Your room is meant to be stress free!

These are just a few tips to be organized and to stay on top of things. I also recommend reaching out to your professors and asking for help. They are all very helpful and love it when students reach out - so be sure to use those resources! I personally have found all of these tips and resources to be extremely helpful throughout my time at AU. I have been able to stay on top of all of my assignments thanks to being organized. It has helped me be as successful as I can be and shows me I can still have free time and enjoy my years at college too!

- Shila

Friday, April 30, 2021

Another Year Completed!

Well Eagle Nation - we did it. We made it through the last week of classes and we will finish strong with finals next week. Can you believe how incredibly strong you all are because you just completed an entire school year during this global pandemic? Pat yourself on the back - seriously, do it because you deserve it! College in itself is a very difficult thing to do, and adding the stress of a pandemic on top of that - makes it seem nearly impossible. However, no matter the outcome of these past three semesters just know that you have conquered the near impossible - because it was possible.

Many people might not have been able to experience a traditional year of undergrad their first year or second year of college, but we were able to see ourselves grow through the challenges of online learning, distanced learning, zoom university, and so much more. I have personally learned so much about myself and have grown a lot over this past year. I can confidently say that I know I am capable of handling the things thrown at me - all thanks to covid. I have dealt with many cancellations of events, sicknesses, losses, and even two quarantines in one semester. If I can get through these things - I know everyone else is capable too!

Let’s take this past year and learn from it. How can we be stronger moving forward? What are some new goals you can set for yourself? Now, remember those goals you just set - and go enjoy your summer because you have earned it.

See you back in the fall, Eagle Nation!

- Shila

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Exploring Opportunities at AU

There is more to the college experience than just classes. Ashland has many opportunities for its students to have a well rounded college experience. The Career Center for Life Calling can help with some of those experiences. In the month of April, they are hosting several Webinars and workshops including: Make LinkedIn Your Friend, Job Search, Ace Your Interview, Targeted Resumes & Cover Letters. These are all a great opportunity to prepare yourself for life after college. Make sure to check out the dates and sign up here:

If you are looking for a change or to get more out of your AU experience, you might check out the Global Education/ Study Abroad Office. Even with the current restrictions, the office is holding many information meetings about upcoming experiences, for example, AU in Germany 2022. There are plenty of other programs offered and if the office can help find the right experience for you! If you’d like to attend a meeting or find more information you can go here:

- Rachel

Monday, April 5, 2021

How to Feel & be Successful During a Pandemic

College is hard, and it is even harder during a global pandemic. I think a lot of people have figured that out by now. I can’t say I am a pro at school, and going through classes during these hard times has not been easy on me or anyone, but I wanted to offer some advice that has helped me get through and even find joy in this tough season of life.

First thing is first, buy yourself a planner or a desk calendar. This will be used to keep track of all assignments when they come up and when they are due. It is so easy to stay organized and manage your time better this way. If you are more of a tech person - I recommend google calendar. Link in all times of classes, practices, work schedule, and anything else along those lines. Make sure you are paying close attention to when you have a face-to-face class or a zoom class.

When you are doing classes remotely for the day, it is hard to be motivated. Get up and get ready for the day - like you would be ready for an in-person class. You will feel way more productive and motivated to get things accomplished! Make sure to reach out to your faculty and professors if you have any issues or questions, because they know how hard these times are for us - it is hard for them too. We are all getting through it together.

Finding the joy in everyday life can definitely be difficult, but it could be the smallest of things that could radiate positivity. Everyday I write down three things that happened to me that made me smile or laugh. It is the little things to get you through the day. My favorite thing is to reach out to friends you don’t see or talk to often and catch up with them. Plus, it is always nice to grab a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop and relax.

Lastly, take a deep breath, take a break, and relax. School is important, but so is your mental health. When you need to walk away for a little bit - do it! You come first, take care of yourself. Read a book, watch a new movie, eat a snack, take a walk (now that the weather is so nice), or even take a nap. Whatever you need to do to refuel YOU!

- Shila

Friday, March 19, 2021

Spring on Campus

Spring has finally come to campus this week! It is certainly a great time to get outdoors and shake off the winter weather. There are plenty of things to do on and off campus to help you come out of hibernation. Located all around campus are plenty of picnic tables to spend some time studying outdoors or just relax with friends. Several coffee shops are open and within walking distance of campus: Keats Coffee, Downtown Perk, Vine’s Bakery and Goldberry Roasting Company. These also make great study spaces if you are looking to leave your dorm for a while. Places like Whit’s Frozen Custard and Eva’s Treats serve some great desserts to check out and spice up your weekend. This might be a perfect time to try out some restaurants in town if you haven't already. A-Town Tap, Ohio Fire, Uniontown, Ashland Drive In or Lotus are all available to grab a bite this weekend. There are plenty of things to get into this weekend that can help break up your midterm studying and give you time to relax!

- Rachel

Monday, March 8, 2021

Life as a College Student in Quarantine

It was an extremely difficult time for me to be in a two week quarantine. It was the beginning of spring semester and I had to start out all online for the beginning, what a way to set the tone for the next sixteen weeks. It is so easy to slip into a state of depression, anxiousness, and loneliness. But, I am here to let you know even though it was an incredibly tough time, I had some amazing people to support me and encourage me along the way. My friends, my teammates and coaches, my family, my professors, and even faculty members at AU. They all gave me words of encouragement and even ideas of how to stay positive in a difficult situation. I want to share what I did in quarantine, besides classwork.

Activities to do in quarantine:

  • Read. Any book you want - I prefer the feel good, encouraging Christian books. Anything Lysa TerKeurst or Sadie Robertson are my favorite!
  • Do yoga. Relax your breathing and your muscles. It helps with stress and anxiety.
  • Find a new hobby! I love to paint, and I did a lot of painting and coloring during quarantine to relieve some stress and enjoy my time during the “calm” of the storm.
  • Binge a new show on Netflix. There are so many shows and movies on Netflix - pick a good one and watch all the episodes! I highly recommend New Girl or All-American.
  • Have a self-care day. Treat yourself to an at-home spa day. Facial treatments, repainting your nails, trying out a new hair shampoo - basically whatever you want to do to just relax.
  • Reorganize yourself! Whether that be cleaning your room, moving your room furniture around, or even writing everything down in your planner. It was a good time to schedule out my days and get myself ready to be back on campus.

A two-week quarantine away from friends, family, and even school is hard. I love being around people and finding some sort of normalcy in a crazy time. So during those stressful two weeks, I took time for myself. I reached out to so many people just to have an interaction or conversation. Talking to them helped me get through such a hard time. If you need to talk to someone - there will always be someone ready to listen and help you through. Don’t think you are alone. Looking back to my two week quarantine, I can say I put myself first. I took time to take care of myself, rest up, and relax. I made sure to keep up with the activity ideas to help with my mental health, too!

- Shila

7 Tips for Registering for College Classes

1. Checkout your options and review the catalog. Make sure to refer to your degree plan and keep your core classes in mind when it comes to...